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Please Select a WeekWeekDateDue Date$10 Late Fee applied after 12pm on this date
9Nov 02 - Nov 06November 02November 02, 2020
10Nov 09 - Nov 13November 09November 09, 2020
11Nov 16 - Nov 20November 17November 17, 2020
12Nov 23 - Nov 24November 23November 23, 2020
13Nov 30 - Dec 04November 30November 30, 2020
14Dec 07 - Dec 11December 07December 07, 2020
15Dec 14 - Dec 18December 14December 14, 2020
16Jan 04 - Jan 08January 04January 04, 2021
17Jan 11 - Jan 15January 11January 11, 2021
18Jan 19 - Jan 22January 19January 19, 2021
19Jan 25 - Jan 29January 25January 25, 2021
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Please note that a 3% convenience fee is added to all transactions.
Credit card company by-laws require the Department of Finance to use a third party to process credit card payments for VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.
The EDEP uses a third-party processor named Elavon to process credit card payments.
Elavon will charge a convenience fee of  3% on the total amount of the bill charged as authorized under Virginia Code 2.2-614.1.

Disclaimer: The EDEP assumes no responsibility for incorrect information entered by customers. Customers are responsible for ensuring payments are made in sufficient time to meet required deadlines. Customers are responsible for printing and retaining the confirmation of their payment. Payments received after 4:30pm will be credited the next business day. Failure to understand any information provided herein will not constitute grounds for waiver of any penalties.
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